Monday, February 16, 2009

New House

Hall Bathroom Before

Hall Bathroom After

I am not sure if everyone knows yet but we are moving. We are trading houses with Jon's Grandma. She has a 3 bedroom house with a huge yard and we have a 2 bedroom condo so it makes sense for all of us to trade places.
We have been over there every chance we have the last few weeks getting things ready to move in. I have scraped the popcorn ceilings in every room except the masterbedroom, cleaned and primed the fireplace, painted both the kids rooms and we have completely remodeled the hall bathroom. We just have a few finishing touches on the bathroom and it is all done. Everything is looking great so far and we are planning on moving the weekend of the 28th, so just 2 more weeks. It will be nice to have a yard for the kids to play in and they will have their own rooms so hopefully I won't be getting up every couple hours all night because they keep waking each other up. We are very excited about the move it is a nice neighborhood and the neighbors seem really friendly.