Wednesday, October 29, 2008


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2. Answer the six 8 items.
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8 favorite TV shows

1. ER

2. The Office

3. One Tree Hill

4. Beverly Hills 92010

5. American Idol

6. So you think you can Dance

7. How I met your Mother

8. Gilmore Girls (I know it isn't on anymore but I still love it.)

8 Things I did yesterday

1. Came home from work

2. talked to my mom on the phone

3. did laundry

4. straightened up the house

5. played with the kids

6. dinner

7. tried to take a nap but kids were yelling and crying so no sleep for me, again.

8. went to work

8 Things I'm looking forward to

1. Going home to visit my family next week

2. My son's 3rd birthday next month

3. My anniversay next month

4. Christmas and the Helm Christmas Party

5. Hopefully taking a trip next year, maybe Hawaii?

6. Watching my kids grow up

7. Not having to work nights (I still have a few years til both the kids are in school)

8. Sleep!!!!

8 favorite resturants

1. Godfather

2. Outback

3. Chili's

4. Sombrero's (not really a restaurant kindof fast food mexican)

5. Applebee's

6. Denny's (love their french toast)

7. The Green Flash

8. can't think of another one we really don't get to go out very often.

8 Things on my wish list

1. Go back to school

2. Not have to work nights

3. My kids to grow up healthy and be happy

4. Always have good health

5. Visit my parents more often

6. Sell our condo and buy a home with a yard

7. Put our kids through either private or a charter school

8. Travel

I tag Tawny, Kandise,

Pumkin Carving

We carved our pumkins tonight. Andrew was going crazy. He thought it was so fun. He was also very excited because I carved a Thomas the Train pumkin for him. Jon of course had to make a Bronco's pumkin. It was fun and they turned out pretty good. 

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Carnival

Last night was the Halloween Carnival at Andrew's Preschool. It was a lot of fun. They had a bunch of booths with games for the kids, a ride, balloon animals, face painting, and a cake walk. We won some cupcakes at the cake walk and came home with some candy and a handful of pencils. For some reason Andrew kept picking out the pencils as his prize.  

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pumpkin Station

We took the kids to the Pumkin Station. It was fun. Andrew had a great time going on all the rides and picking out pumkins. He can't wait for Halloween. He has to put on his costume almost everyday. He is going to be Thomas the Train, of course. We had him try the costume on at the store. He took off as soon as I got it on him. He ran around the entire store yelling "Choo Choo!" Jon had to chase after him or he would have kept going. It was really cute everyone in the store was laughing. 

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ashlee's Pictures

We got Ashlee's Pictures taken last week and got the proofs back today. I had such a hard time choosing which ones to get. These are just a few of my favorites. She was smiling and being so cute in all of them. I guess I should be happy that they all turned out so good it could have been the other way around. I can't believe she is almost 5 months old!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Carmel Apples

Andrew and I made Carmel Apples the other day. I hadn't made them since I was a kid. We had a lot of fun. Andrew only took a couple of bites of his and decided he didn't like the carmel sticking to his teeth. I had to peel back the carmel so he could eat the apple. This was probably a good thing because he really doesn't need any sugar. He is hyper enough as it is. At least he chose the apple over the candy. Most kids would have eaten the carmel off and threw the apple away. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Baseball Game

We took the kids to their fist baseball game last weekend. It was the last game of the season. We had a great time. Jon's parents went with us. Andrew ran non-stop the entire game. They have a "beach" area out in left field with a huge sandbox the kids can play in. They also have a grass hill behind that and a small playground in the back. Andrew really wasn't too interested in watching the baseball game with all the other fun things to do but that is okay he had a blast. 

Well I decided to jump on board the blogging bandwagon. It really is a great way to keep family and friends updated.

Andrew started preschool this year. He goes three days a week Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings. He will be three in November. We did start him early but he was ready. He was getting so bored at home he was just finding things to get into and was always getting into trouble. He is such an active little guy he never sits still. He is doing so much better now he is in school and loves it. He tries to tell me he has school even on the days he doesn't.

Ashlee is almost 5 months and is growing much too fast. She is rolling over and can sit now without toppling over, unless she gets excited and then she falls over. She is such a happy baby and is always smiling. She just loves her big brother. Andrew will just be sitting there and Ashlee just starts cracking up. She is always laughing at him. It is really cute.

Jon is keeping very busy at work. He is a Property Manager and manages about 18 properties himself. Mostly Condo Home Owner's Associations and Single Family Home HOA's. It sometimes is a bit overwhelming but he does enjoy what he does most days.

I went back to work in August after a 3 month maternity leave. I am working as a Unit Clerk in The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I really do like my job but some days are really hard since I only get 3 or 4 hours of sleep and that is if I can get the kids down for a nap at the same time. At least I only work 3 nights a week. It is worth it to be able to be at home with the kids though. I figure I will only have to do it for a few years. Once they are both in school I can start working days again.

Well that is all for now.  I hope you enjoy reading about our family.